Imago Mundi presents ‘Isvor. Enescu’ at Festival de Estoril Lisboa 2016

Imago Mundi ensemble offers a contemporary perspective on the rich Romanian musical tradition, enlivening the irresistible scores of the urban folklore of the past. In Estoril Lisbon, the ensemble will present its most recent project, entitled ‘Isvor (The Source). George Enescu’, which investigates the great composer’s indigenous sources of inspiration, the ones that give two of his best known works, the Romanian Rhapsodies, as well as many other compositions their unmistakable local flavour. With traditional melodies and rhythms reproduced on period instruments and illustrated with stunning visuals, the concert will not only offer a rare insight into Enescu’s laboratory, but a true musical discovery.

Good taste, refinement, a cultured sound and professionalism are the defining qualities of the ensemble and their repertoire. Besides their specific sound, in which simplicity of the melody combines with the subtle instrumentation, certain arrangements succeed in creating an original mix of oriental folk, Renaissance tones, African echoes and American minimalism.
(Professor Dan Dediu, the National University of Music, Bucharest)

When meets three consecutive years dedicated to Heritage, the 42nd Estoril Lisbon Festival is stated in full subject of artistic, spiritual and material wealth. […] Lisbon and Cascais, with its Cultural Center and the Auditorium Srª. da Boa Nova, offers throughout the month of July several cycles of symphonic formations, chamber ensembles, solo recitals and opera. A wide repertoire from XIV to XXI centuries, including world creations, will be performed by orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists, as well as by young international orchestras and soloists, always as a bridge between past and future.

‘Isvor. George Enescu’ is a project held by ISVOR Cultural Association, supported by Blue Air, Radio Romania / Cultural Media Centre and Iiana.

This project is financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute through the CentenArt Programme.

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