Reenacting Lizica Codreanu

In 1922 the Romanian-born sculptor Constantin Bracusi made a special dance costume for Lizica Codreanu, played a vinyl recording of Erik Satie’s Gymnopedies and invited the dancer to do a one-off performance in his studio, among sculptures. Using a rack-and-pinion Thornton Pickard camera, Brancusi captured the performance in seven photographs.

The National Dance Center in Bucharest has staged, two years ago, an event focusing on the choreographer and dancer Lizica Codreanu.
The meeting was part of the National Dance Center’s Hors les Murs (Outside the Walls) program, launched in 2014, through which the Center seeks to go beyond the walls of its own building and approach topics off the beaten track.
The event brought together director Cornel Mihalache, researcher Doina Lemny and choreographer Vava Stefanescu, in a talk moderated by Igor Mocanu.

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