Imago Mundi

Imago Mundi proposes a return to the musical past from the perspective of the contemporary musician. Imago Mundi addresses a dynamic audience in search of alternatives to mainstream music; the perspective from which the musical discourse is constructed is that of contemporary man, who does not exhibit museum pieces, but rather plays a living music; it is a perspective of people influenced by the urban experience, who listen to jazz and rock, classical and electronic music, but for whom the joy of music always comes from what you feel, not from what happens to be fashionable.

”Early Music Day”: In 2015, seven European broadcasting stations – in Spain, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Dennmark – put forward as many early music concerts with names that bear importance for the moment, which were available for listening in the houses of millions of Europeans. The Early Romanian ʻImago Mundi’ Music Ensemble also joined the initiative of Radio Romania Music in this project.

“The object of the Imago Mundi Ensemble is to present early Romanian music. Although they adopt traditional melodies and rhythms, the arrangements are very contemporary and extremely well done. Good taste, refinement, a cultured sound, and professionalism are the defining qualities of the ensemble and their repertoire. Besides their specific sound, in which simplicity of melody combines with subtle instrumentation, certain arrangements succeed in creating an original mix of oriental folk, Renaissance tones, African echoes and American minimalism.”
Professor Dan Dediu, the National University of Music, Bucharest

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